napowrimo: a participant list

by Deb Scott

Here, below, is a list of poet’s (by blog name) who said they were participating in NaPoWriMo this year. I added everyone who commented or who emailed. It might be that you’ve langished since (it’s OK … I’m afraid I am have, too) the initial excitement phase. You wrote some poetry. That is good.

At the end of the month, or maybe mid-May, when you’ve relaxed a bit, we’ll ask you if you will be stopping by to visit Read Write Poem for ideas, information or prompts post-NaPoWriMo. (There is an end to April, dear poets!)

We’ll also ask you what would help next year, and if there is a next year for your NaPoWriMo project. But you can comment now if you can’t wait until May.

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17 comments to napowrimo: a participant list

  • Also me, as it turns out. A haiku every day. Sounds easy.

    Didn’t tell anyone, I guess, just tried to do it, which is hard enough, as it turns out. Matter o’ fact, I have 52 minutes left today to come up with a new ‘ku.

    Gotta go.

  • i have exceeded (39 as of today)the thirty poems already,, and they are spread out over three of my blogs,, but i participated,, and linked to you guys on every post… i didn’t know we were supposed to tell you in comment or email,,, guess i wasn’t paying attention that day!!!!!

  • Poem on, Shelley! Good for you. I think haiku are difficult, kudos to you.

    And paisley, you are amazing. I just thought you were doing it to do it. I thought I read a comment somewhere that you weren’t specifically NaPoWriMo-ing…but, as always, you go above and beyond, rocking-poet-woman. My mistake!


  • I have 129 as of writing nothing this morning.

    I probably have at least thirty that are worth anything.

  • I have managed one a day more or less. I missed a day but then made up for it by posting two so I have 30 poems. This has been very good for me as i usually edit extensively. Getting something down quickly has certainly loosened up my writing.

  • Correction – I have 20 poems. I hope to have 30 by the end of the month.

  • I am so impressed by everyone’s creative genius and dedication. I have 18 poems posted, can’t quite seem to get something out everyday. I’ve been trying to post also poems that are interesting to me, and hopefully others.

  • As of today, I have written a total of 54 poems in April, plus an article about Poetry and Teenage Boys.

    I can’t stop! One night I arrived home late after parent-teacher interviews ( day at school as well) and just had to write a poem for the day before going to bed.

    I think Iam developing some very serious kind of sickness. But it’s so much fun.

    I’m trying to visit as many poet bloggers as possible to leave a comment as well.


  • yes, I want to continue with ReadWritePoem AFTER April. I had high hopes for myself when I started this challenge; but have had several days where I’ve felt unmotivated and perhaps have felt a form of ‘writers block”. I’ve ‘cheated’ a couple of times by using a line or 2 that I’ve contributed to the “Get Your Poem On”–so I didn’t really write a poem but counted those as my poems for the day. Also, I’m only up to #18 as of today, so I guess I could say I haven’t written a poem-a-day. But, I’m close…and am keeping up…just a couple of days behind schedule. I love all of this…it truly helps me to think about, and focus on, writing poetry.

  • Oh dear, I feel that I should be taken off of the list, as I have NOT been successful in writing every day this month. Far from it, in fact. I think I maybe made it five days in. I had a rather large event in my life that stopped me cold and I have yet to be able to manage poetry again (though I’m inching my way back towards it and hope to begin writing again soon). So much for lofty plans!

  • Well, TGR, me, too. I have fallen off the NaPoWriMo wagon completely.

    But I think you – and I – should be pleased to have given it a whirl.

    There is no shame here. Just life crashing in on well-intended plans.

    Be well; no guilt!

  • I guess I am hopeless at understanding how it was I was supposed to be seen as a participant. *sigh* HOWEVER, I have written a poem and posted it on my site every day this month – today was my 24th post, probably 26th poem that can be qualified as at least a start. Thank you for the challenge – I may continue the daily practice into and through May – could you launch a support site napowrimomomo (more months) – I am goaded into writing by the sense of communal purpose. (I have not any unsettling anything to derail my dailiness – have been incredibly LUCKY!!)

  • i like laura’s idea about having a NaPoWriMoMoMo…it would keep me motivated, too.

  • [...] as I noted in the “participant list” post, here are a couple of questions. I’ll leave comments open for about 3 weeks (any [...]

  • I’ve posted a haiku every day and several other poems scattered around. I really appreciate the prompts, ideas and encouragement here! I’ll keep posting regular haiku and poetry in other forms along with book reviews, etc. Thanks for rounding us up!

  • Didn’t post a poem EVERY day . . . . but fairly close. Great motivator! Thanks!

    Nickers and Ink

    SIMPLY SNICKERS – weekly poetry prompts

read write poem news

  • read write poem napowrimo anthology
    June 20, 2010 | 1:36 pm

    The Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo Anthology is still in production. Selection, placement, layout and copyediting are taking longer than anticipated. Thank you for your patience. I hope to have the piece completed in July. For those who have emailed asking if they can be included, the May 7 deadline for submission of work stands. Those who met that deadline will be included. Please check the post on this site listing who I received submissions from by that date. If you submitted your work by the May 7 deadline in accordance with our guidelines and your name is not listed, send an email to info (at) readwritepoem (dot) org.

  • read write poem napowrimo anthology
    May 5, 2010 | 3:09 pm

    Remember that Friday* is the deadline for submitting work to the Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo Anthology. Check out the guidelines for submission in the main column (to the left). On May 8, we’ll post a news item listing everyone we’ve received work from. If you submitted work and your name is not on that list, please let us know. Thanks!

    *I initially said “tomorrow,” but I meant to say “Friday.”

  • napowrimo congratulations, and a reminder
    April 24, 2010 | 12:05 pm

    It’s the final week of the Read Write Poem NaPoWriMo Challenge! Just 7 days left. With that, a reminder that Read Write Poem will culminate with the anthology featuring work from those who complete the challenge. A post with details for submitting to the anthology will be published May 1. Be sure you remove any information from the site that you want preserved — such as group content and personal messages. Those elements of the site will be removed May 1 as well. The main site will remain up as an archive.

  • ‘underlife’ tour at january gill o’neil’s blog
    April 20, 2010 | 8:11 pm

    January Gill O’Neil’s virtual book tour has moved to her site and is underway now. Check out the lineup at Poet Mom.

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